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Drew's NewsWhat You Should Know About Cell-Phone Account Fraud

Cell-phone account fraud is a rapidly growing threat to your privacy and financial well-being. Criminals open up a phony cell-phone account in your name or transfer your phone number to a fake account. They then use it to access your bank account, [ ... ]

Remar's ReportDigital Assistants, Data Collection and Your Privacy

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July 2018 What do Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana, Amazon, Google, Facebook have in common? Lots of information that they have saved about each of us. Depending on the service, the information can include what we've searched for, what we've bought, [ ... ]

Brain FoodJuly 2018

This month we highlight podcasts about ways to spot fake reviews and teenage employment from Check these out: The Fake Review Hunter Teenage (Employment) Wasteland Brain Food contains links to site that we think provide interesting [ ... ]

Gen Y with WillHow Brushing Scams Can Swipe You under the Carpet!

Have you seen our recent video on whether you can trust online reviews or not...? With brushing scams coming into play, the answer is a plain "no."