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What Will You Do With The Old Devices You Replace?

Whenever you get a new electronic device such as a TV, smartphone, game console, computer, or tablet, what do you do with the old one? Throwing it away usually isn't a good option and in some places is illegal. Electronic equipment contains toxic materials such as cadmium, lead, arsenic and needs to be disposed of carefully. Consider the following options instead.

Recycle it

Various stores and manufacturers have programs to help you recycle old electronic equipment. Some are free and others charge a nominal fee. Local governments and organizations may provide recycling options. You can find your local govenment website on Don't forget to erase your data before recycling the equipment.

Repurpose it

Unless the equipment no longer works, it can probably be used for a specific task. For example, an old computer can be used for file storage on a home network and a smartphone can be used as a baby monitor or a TV remote. A quick search will provide many more possibilities.

Sell it

Even though you many no longer use the item, someone else may find it very useful. There are many ways to sell it

Donate it

If it's in good working order, donate it. A local charity or organization may be able give the equipment to someone in need.

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