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Back to School Time Already? Check Out These Shopping Tips

It’s August and the back to school sales are in full swing. And there is something on sale for every member of the family. Smart shoppers will do their homework to ensure they will get the most for their dollars before heading to the store or online. Here are a few tips to help.

Student discounts. Do you have a college student? Some stores and services offer discounts to students with proof of enrollment such as a student ID. Some programs also include high school or even younger students. Discounts are available not just for apparel and footwear but for food, entertainment, and travel. Many discounts are available all year.

Retailer loyalty and rewards programs. Signing up for loyalty and or/rewards programs at your favorite stores can help too. Depending on the type of program, you may receive discounts, coupons, or cash back. Don’t forget to check out what they will do with your data and who they will share it with.

Stock up. During these sales, some stores offer items for under a dollar or for just a few cents. Stock up on those items that you’ll need throughout the year such as pencils, crayons, spiral notebooks, notebook paper, and folders.

Sales tax holiday. Some states have sales tax holidays for typical items needed for back to school. The items exempted from sales tax vary from state to state. Buying big ticket items, such as electronics, can be a good idea as long as you stay within the maximum price allowed.

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