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Do You Have a "my Social Security" Account Yet?

Whether you are paying Social Security taxes or receiving Social Security benefits, you should have a "my Social Security" account. Why should you have an account? Since your annual Social Security Statement is no longer sent by mail, a "my Social Security" account is the only way you can get it. A Social Security Statement shows your complete earnings history and estimates for retirement and disability benefits.

What else can I do with an account? You can verify that your earnings are correct for each year and spot fraud or misuse of your Social Security card. Opening an account will prevent anyone else opening one in your name without your authorization. The site has information and tools that can help you with retirement planning, including determining when to take your benefits.

If you are receiving benefits, you can start or change direct deposit of your benefit payment, change your address, or change your phone number.

An account is free, secure and easy to set up. Visit to set yours up now.