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Do You Know How Much Data is Being Collected about You Online?

Many of us spend many hours a day online for work, shopping, bill paying, and fun. We choose to provide some of the sites we visit with our personal information. But did you know that there is a whole industry that collects information about us – with and without our explicit permission. They collect information such as the sites we visit, what we search for, what we buy, and forms we fill out.

The Data Brokers: Selling Your Personal Information from CBS News’ 60 Minutes program is a very informative piece that will help you understand what this industry is collecting about you. These two additional pieces provide some additional background to the story:

If you are concerned about the amount of information being collected then try Disconnect, which is shown in the 60 Minutes report. It is an informative and useful tool that can be easily added to Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. It takes a couple of steps to install it in Internet Explorer.

If you don’t want your searches saved, try Duckduckgo and Ixquick which are search engines that don't save your searches or track you.

For more tips on protecting your privacy and personal information online, check out the various Privacy Rights Clearinghouse fact sheets on Online Privacy & Technology.

The Remar's Report Don't Like Being Tracked Online? Here's What to Do has more information and tips.