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Facebook Ad Policy is Changing. Is It Good or Bad? It Depends.

Facebook has announced that they are changing their Ad policy and giving users more control over the ads they see. Is this a good change for users or a bad change? It depends. If you want more relevant ads, this might be good. Currently Facebook shows ads based on your Page likes and other information you have shared on Facebook. Soon, the ads will become more personalized by using data collected from tracking your browsing and activity on other websites and apps you use.

To do this, Facebook will ignore the "Do Not Track" settings of browsers. You can opt out but you must do so through this page from the Digital Advertising Alliance. On this page you can check which participating companies have enabled customized ads for your browser. You can also use this page to opt out but opting out requires the use of opt out cookies. The drawback with this method, if you delete your cookies, you have to opt out again. Opting out only stops interest-based advertising from being shown in your browser but doesn't stop data being collected about your browsing habits.

Another option to reduce tracking is to set your browser to block third-party cookies. These links tell you how: Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari 6, Safari 7.

In addition, Facebook is giving you more control over what ads you see. The new Ad Preferences tool, which will be accessible from every ad, will tell you why you're seeing the ad and allow you to add and remove interests that Facebook uses to show you the ads.

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