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Internet "Free" Offers Often "Fee" Offers, Says FTC

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Do you know how to protect yourself? Read on.

If you've spent any time online, then you've seen at least one of the many "1 tip" and "free offer" ads that are promoting everything from weight loss to kitchen gadgets. Most of these ads offer a free sample or free trial but here’s the catch? you have to give them your credit card number before they'll send you the sample or sign you up. Soon “subscription” fees or other things you didn’t know you signed up for may appear on your credit card. These and other "gotchas" that will cost you are typically buried in the fine print. Protect yourself by following the tips in the FTC Consumer Alert "Free Trials" Aren't Always Free.

For more information on the dangers and scams related to such “come on” offers read This Just In from the FTC and this article from the Washington Post.