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Is Your Whole Life Going on View on Facebook?


Facebook and Carrier IQ have been making news lately. How does this news impact you? Here's what you need to know.

Facebook Timeline is now available to everyone. The Timeline was announced back in September but wasn't available to everyone until now. The Timeline is an update to your profile. If you choose to switch to it now, you'll have seven days to review and decide which items you've posted should be hidden and to adjust your privacy settings. If you don't publish your timeline during the review period, it will automatically go live at the end of the seven days. The Timeline is opt-in, so you shouldn't find your profile automatically updated.

Carrier IQ software on over 150 million smartphone may be tracking user activity without the user's knowledge. This ongoing story has been very confusing. While the intent of this software is to monitor the performance of the phone and the network, it's been reported that personal information may have been inadvertently collected and transmitted. If transmission of data has occurred, there have been no reports so far of misuse. This is a wait and see issue.

Facebook has agreed to settle with the FTC over charges that it deceived consumers by failing to keep privacy promises. The settlement requires that Facebook give consumers clear and prominent notice and obtain consumers' affirmative express consent before enacting changes that override their privacy preferences. Facebook is also required to prevent anyone from accessing a user's material more than 30 days after the user has deleted his or her account.

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