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What Do You Need to Know About the "Heartbleed" Bug?

By now you've probably heard of the "Heartbleed" security bug that may affect many of the web servers on the Internet. What is the impact of this bug? That's what makes it scary to some people. While the bug has existed for quite some time, affected servers can't tell if hackers exploited it. If hackers did, they might have gotten usernames, passwords, or other personal information.

What can you do about it? Experts are recommending that you change your passwords. You may want to get confirmation from a site that they have patched the bug (or they weren't affected) before you change your password. You can also use this tool to check sites, just beware that it doesn't work for all sites or that it may fail a site for something other than the "heartbleed" bug.

CNET has a list of the top 100 US websites and is checking to see if the sites were impacted and if the bug has been patched.

Take advantage of the situation by making your passwords more secure. Our Gen Y with Will article, How to Build Decent Passwords has tips to help you do just that. Also, sign up for any additional security features a site may offer. More sites are offering "two-factor" authentication where you login with a password and another randomly generated code.

Changing passwords regularly is a wise idea. This kind of bug shows why.