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Heat Wave! Time to Lower Your Temperature & Your Utility Bills


GenY_HeatWaveBy Will from Holland

I've spent the summer in Holland visiting with friends and family; it's been a rainy and dreary season. Due to the weather I'm experiencing, the articles I've read in my Dutch newspaper concerning the American weather seem kind of distant and unreal...

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Stressed? Manage Your Time!


By Will from Holland

gen_y-manage-timeWhether you're in school studying or already working a job, you need to get things done, right? And there's always too little time...

Do you know the feeling of stress? I'm running out of time to study for that test! How will I get all these things on my "to do" list done? I'm leaving tomorrow!

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Hacked Email Accounts!


By Will from Holland

FP_GenY__HackedEmailLast week I received an email from my sister.  This happens a lot.  I live abroad and my sister lives in Holland.  Email is our main means of communication.  She sends me picture and updates on life all the time.

But this time the email was different; she only sent me a link.  Clicking on it sent me to a blank page... Random! Why did you send me this, sis?

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Where's the Closest ATM?


Gen_Y-closest_ATMFoolProof is supported by credit unions, so you should hold what I'm about to say at the highest critical level your brain can deliver today.  Do that, and I think you'll agree what I say here is the truth. 

Where you bank right now isn't something you think about much, right?  Checking your balance online, finding an ATM and hoping you have some bucks in your account is about the limit of your banking thoughts.

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Take This Bet! Or, Maybe Not...


FP_GenY_TakeThisBetLife is full of risk.  We take chances all the time.  It's a part of life!  We gamble when we start our own business, or when we decide to walk to school or drive a car.

But get this: A lot of high school and college-age kids really gamble; online poker, 1-900 betting numbers and lotteries-you name it.

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Need a Roommate?


FoolProof_genY-Finding_a_RoommateBy Will deHoo

Whether you've already moved out or are planning your first move away from home, picking the right roommate is a big deal.  That person will have an impact on both your pocketbook and your mental health.  These tips can help make the experience a solid one!

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