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Watch Out For The Sucker Punch!


young woman with credit card and laptop computerA credit card is one of the most important—and potentially dangerous—financial tools you'll ever touch. And here's a fact: where you get that card is a huge decision.

New laws that have just gone into effect are supposed to protect people our age, but guess what: they don't.

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No-Brainer Tips: Safe Social Networking


1By now, everybody (sort of) knows some of the negative aspects of social networking sites: your personal information is shared with many and privacy is pretty non-existent, if you haven't changed your privacy settings.

Has that stopped you or me from using sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and the like? Of course not. Social networks are fun. But do total strangers and scam artists need to know every detail of your life? Probably not.

Trouble is, most social networks set up their default settings so you automatically give away everything about your life. Bingo, your information is out there, and bingo, stuff like this happens:

You become an involuntary Spammer:

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What Can You Learn About Money From People Who Failed?


Stacks of CashWe all know millionaires know how to make money. I've always wanted to know why most people don't become millionaires or don't succeed when it comes to simply having enough money to lead a stress-free and independent life.

Here are five key lessons I've learned so far from those who fail becoming millionaires:

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Weird But True Budgeting Tips


Saving money in the change jarColleges and graduate schools can be backbreaking, when it comes to money. Why not get creative with ways to save more money and lessen that backbreaking load?

  1. Hang out with people who are careful with their money. Cutting your spending is easier when the crowd you run with is trying to do the same thing.

  2. Make one day a week a “spending-free day”. This sounds weird, but it will give you courage, and isn’t as hard as you think.

    • Make sandwiches for lunch and break out the Noodle packs for dinner. Invite friends for dinner, but tell them to bring their own eats.

    • Find a free way to get around. Use a bike, or bum a ride. But spend no money on transportation.

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Planning on Working This Summer?


Think Outside The Box!

Teen working for the summerThe summer of 2010 can be a tough summer to find a part-time job, if you’re still in school: plenty of college graduates can’t find work. Many businesses—even those that normally hire people in the summer—have cut back their staffs. And plenty of adults with years of work experience are out there pounding the pavement, too.

So, what can you do? Be creative, and be brave—that’s what! And be quick. April is nearly too late to pin down a job in many fields.

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Getting a Credit Card This Spring Or Summer?


Watch Out for These Tricks!

First time getting a credit card?Been thinking about a new credit card? Think all credit cards are alike? If you think that, good luck. You’re going to need it!

A lot of credit card companies will tell you that new regulations just put in place make it easy for you to get the right card—and make it harder for companies to push you to get a credit card when you shouldn’t get one.

For instance:

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