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Gadget Hacking


FoolProof_GenY-Gadget_HackingGot a smartphone? An iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone or even an Android? If so, be warned.

More and more users of smart gadgets are getting hacked while surfing the Web or using an app that connects to the Internet. Why? The recent explosion of gadgets has made it much more lucrative and easier for hackers to hack into your device.

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Doing A Basic Online Safety Review


Online_SafetyAlright, you already know a lot about online safety when it comes to your personal and financial info on sites like Facebook.  But right now is a perfect time to remind yourself why you have to be careful when you're online.

Here's a quick review of the one stupid mistake people our age continue to make, plus some tips to protect you from yourself and from the scammers who monitor social network sites constantly.

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Safe Surfing!



The other day a friend of mine came over to my place and we started looking at stuff on the Internet. We watched some funny YouTube videos and checked the swell report for the surf.  She showed me her hometown back in England, Frinton on Sea, on an Internet map site. All quite innocent, I'd say.

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Oddball Tips For Saving Money


piggy bank on a pile of moneyBeing smart about money is more important now—when you're young—than when you're older. Why? Smart habits learned now will stay with you, but more important, any money you stick in a savings plan at 20 has a lot more years to earn interest than money you stick in a savings plan at 40.

And guess what? You can save some money now, even if you're working two jobs just to get by or attend school. Use these oddball tips to stow a little money away where you can't touch it!

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Watch Out For The Sucker Punch!


young woman with credit card and laptop computerA credit card is one of the most important—and potentially dangerous—financial tools you'll ever touch. And here's a fact: where you get that card is a huge decision.

New laws that have just gone into effect are supposed to protect people our age, but guess what: they don't.

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No-Brainer Tips: Safe Social Networking


1By now, everybody (sort of) knows some of the negative aspects of social networking sites: your personal information is shared with many and privacy is pretty non-existent, if you haven't changed your privacy settings.

Has that stopped you or me from using sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and the like? Of course not. Social networks are fun. But do total strangers and scam artists need to know every detail of your life? Probably not.

Trouble is, most social networks set up their default settings so you automatically give away everything about your life. Bingo, your information is out there, and bingo, stuff like this happens:

You become an involuntary Spammer:

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