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Financial Crisis?

Financial CrisisWhat is this financial and credit crisis everybody is talking about anyway?

Here's a definition from
a long-term economic state characterized by unemployment and low prices and low levels of trade and investment.

This basically means that a lot of good people are losing their houses, cars and jobs. And to make it even worse… The majority of businesses are not hiring people.

Will this impact you? Hopefully, not. But if you're smart, you'll protect yourself. Here are some tips:

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Spring Break!

At the beach for spring break

It’s that time of the year again… Spring break, baby!

How about Florida this year? Or Mexico?

Great stuff! But how are you going to pay for all this?

Maybe you’ve got the airfare. But what about a place to sleep? What about breakfast, lunch and dinner? Wait, skip the breakfast part, you’ll probably sleep right through that!

Here’s a reality. Wherever you’re heading, it’s probably going to cost you more than you think, and more than you have. That’s why credit card companies are pushing college-age people right now to use their credit cards—or to get a new “free” credit card.

Don’t fall for their spiel. It would be so easy to sign up for a “free” credit card and pay for the whole trip. But with that “free” card, you could be cruising for a credit card crash!

Financing virtually anything on a credit card doesn’t make sense, unless it’s an emergency. But using plastic to finance spring break is terminally stupid.

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Identity Theft.


Identity theftAnd yet another article on identity theft… Boring!

But is it? Did you know young people are big targets?

Here’s a quick head’s up.

What is ID Theft?

A scammer uses your name, personal information, and credit to steal products and services and leaves you with the bill.

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Pyramid Schemes; A Scam To Watch Out For


This pyramid isnt a scam!  Get this scenario: you, a college student who has discovered the luxury of 10 Ramen Noodle cups for only a buck, are approached by a young man dressed-for-success at the local JCrew.

He begins by asking you questions like where you go to school, what you’re studying and what do you want to do with your life. He then tells you a little bit about himself—he says he’s an entrepreneur who’s been quite successful and would like you to come in for a meeting to see if you could become ‘one of them.’

You decide a meeting couldn’t hurt.

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Online Scams Target You


Beware of Online Scams!Online scammers like people our age for two reasons: They know we love the Web, and they know we trust people.

The result? More young people are being ripped off online right now than ever. Watch out for these scams:

FireFox Enhancement! FireFox is a great open-source browser recommended by a lot of consumer types—free and fast. They’ve just released a wicked new version, too—for free. But scammers in Russia and China are trying to sell the new version, and as a bonus, when you pay for what should be free, the scammers download a virus on your computer. Thanks for nothing! So, what do you do? Download FireFox from only one site:

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So, What Would You Do With This Phone Call?


21You answer the phone, and there’s this nice lady on the phone.

She says she works for Greenpeace and asks if you would like to make a donation to save the whales that are being killed in the Norwegian Sea.

Of course! You’ll help them fight these animal abusers!

You decide to donate $100 to the good cause—your savings for four months.

But hold it: how do you know if your money ends up at the right address?

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