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Thousand-Dollar Money Mistakes: How to Prevent Them


geny_dollarmistakesWe've been looking at the ways young people waste the most money without knowing it—at least a thousand dollars—and guess what? There are tons of ways, which is pretty scary! Here's a look at the most common disaster spots for your wallet.

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The Secrets of Renting Your First Pad



Do you know the answers to these questions? (If you don't, you're not ready to rent!)

  • What's the difference between renting and leasing, and which should you do?
  • Planning on sharing expenses with a roommate? Who signs the rental or lease agreement? You or the other person? Does it matter?
  • How do you know if an apartment is right for you?
  • What's a "sublet" clause? And do you need one?
  • Did you know you could still be liable for paying the rent after you leave an apartment?
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A New Trend: How Social Media Can Impact Your Credit Score!



Credit rules your life, just like social media does (for most people these days). Now, you should know that your social media life could be ruling (and perhaps ruining) your credit. Be careful, and avoid becoming the focus of the latest “peer pressure” mentality* in lending!

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New Student Loan Regulations: What’s Changing For You?


staffordIf you have a student loan, you probably have already heard that the rate on some student loans has doubled overnight, from 3.4 percent to 6.8 percent. Why? Congress couldn’t agree on passing a bill to keep the rates at 3.4 percent.  

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Traveling This Summer? Watch Out For These Scams!


GenY_TravelScamsBy Will from Holland

If you're about to take a trip, beware! There are travel scams aplenty. If you don't think first, there's a good chance you'll be an unwitting victim. Here's an overview of a bunch of "popular" travel scams.

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Things You're Better Off Buying Second Hand


GenY_SecondHand_vs_NewBy Will From Holland

We all know the car example, right? Buy a brand new (regular) car off the dealership parking lot, and it loses about 20% of its value right away. how can that possibly be a good investment?

But young people these days spend most of their cash on smaller items like clothing, electronics and entertainment. Why not try buying those items used, too? It's cheaper, and the selection can be just as good.

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