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Beware of a growing scam on social networking sites.

scam_social_networking_sitesScammers are using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other sites to snare victims in Ponzi schemes. Read this CBS MoneyWatch article for more details.







August 2010

Getting constant phone calls, but only dead air or recordings when you answer?

dead_air_or_recordingsYou could be targeted in a new scam directed at stealing money from your accounts, according to the FBI. The new scam combines an earlier "phishing" attack (when thieves stole your account numbers and/or passwords) and a later attack tying up your phone (a "denial of service" attack) so that your financial institutions can not reach you for verification while the thieves clean out your accounts. Read the FBI consumer alert.




July 2010

Summer Vacation Coming Up?

summer_vacationRead this Identity Theft and Privacy Primer before leaving the house. Why? "When you travel, your risk of exposure to fraud and identity theft may increase," says the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, author of this excellent primer.




June 2010

How We Rate Facebook's Privacy Efforts

facebook_privacyFacebook has announced major changes in the way it allows you to handle privacy decisions—and the changes are good. It's easier to make sure you control who sees your private information, not Facebook.

Is your privacy now better protected on Facebook?

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Don't Get Caught in the Debt Settlement Trap

debt_settlementAds offering to help you settle your debts can be very tempting if you are having trouble paying your bills. Before you jump at the offer, read this article. It can help you avoid more trouble.





February 2010

IRS Information Returns: An Identity Thief's Dream?

IRS_information_returnsWhat's an information return and how can it help an identity thief? These returns are used by businesses to report certain income and financial transactions to the IRS. A copy is also sent to the taxpayer. The most familiar returns are W-2 Forms and Form 1099. This article from the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse will tell you more.





January 2010

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