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Remar's Report

Saving Money On Entertainment And Shopping


Depending on the time of the year, vacations, holiday shopping, and unexpected expenses can empty wallets. At times like this, you need some entertainment. But can you afford it? And you still have year-round shopping needs. What’s the best way to save money? This report offers tips to help you enjoy good times and good shopping at reasonable and reduced costs.

Saving on Entertainment

When the budget is tight, many people cut back on entertainment. But let the good times roll with these tips to save on books, DVDs, movie tickets, dining, and more.

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Avoiding "Loan" Schemes And Other "Services" Risky To Your Financial Well-being

December 2008risky-loan

Economic hard times such as the nation is now experiencing bring out the schemes and scams that aim to make a buck on people who may be feeling pressure financially and who are unwary. In the last few weeks, I have seen dozens of ads and email solicitations for “opportunities” that could wreck an already stressed budget. So this month’s report details 1) some schemes and scams to avoid always and 2) some services that may be helpful in certain circumstances but that you must choose wisely how to use.

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Saving On Health Care Costs


Health care costs can take a bite out of your wallet. Are you one of the many consumers who are concerned about health care costs? This month's report looks at various ways to help you save on health care costs.

Health Care Savings Programs

There are various programs established by Congress that can help you save money on health care costs. The following types of plans utilize either pre-tax or tax free dollars to pay for health care.

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)

Health Savings Accounts are tax-exempt savings account that allows account holders to pay covered health care expenses with pre-tax dollars. To qualify for an HSA you must:

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Dollar-Saving Tips For Budget Stretching In Tough Times

October 2008budgeting

At present high prices continue at the gas pump and are creeping up at the supermarket checkout counter. Every month it seems the Consumer Price Index ticks a little higher over last year. These trends tend to make most of us budget conscious. Have you been looking for ways to save a few dollars? If so, this report’s for you. This month I've searched the Web for lots of tips to help you save dollars. The savings can start to add up, the more tips you follow.

Are you considering purchasing a fuel-efficient car?

Fuel efficient vehicles, as well as vehicles that only look fuel-efficient, are selling fast and selling at "list" price or more. This means that you need to be a smart buyer if you’re in the market. Here are a couple of tips to help.

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What You Need To Know If You’re Thinking Of Buying A Foreclosure House

September 2008foreclosure

Have you seen ads like these?

  • Save 20-50% On Your Home
  • Buy up to 60% Below Market Value
  • Homes for Half Price!

Ads like these are pushing foreclosed homes. Buying a foreclosed home may or not be a “deal,” however. The process of buying foreclosed properties is more complicated and has more pitfalls and risks than buying a regular new or existing home (without foreclosure problems) on the real estate market. If you’re weighing the option of purchasing a foreclosed residence, this month's report provides tips and points to help you be better prepared.

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