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Dollar-Saving Tips For Budget Stretching In Tough Times

October 2008budgeting

At present high prices continue at the gas pump and are creeping up at the supermarket checkout counter. Every month it seems the Consumer Price Index ticks a little higher over last year. These trends tend to make most of us budget conscious. Have you been looking for ways to save a few dollars? If so, this report’s for you. This month I've searched the Web for lots of tips to help you save dollars. The savings can start to add up, the more tips you follow.

Are you considering purchasing a fuel-efficient car?

Fuel efficient vehicles, as well as vehicles that only look fuel-efficient, are selling fast and selling at "list" price or more. This means that you need to be a smart buyer if you’re in the market. Here are a couple of tips to help.

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What You Need To Know If You’re Thinking Of Buying A Foreclosure House

September 2008foreclosure

Have you seen ads like these?

  • Save 20-50% On Your Home
  • Buy up to 60% Below Market Value
  • Homes for Half Price!

Ads like these are pushing foreclosed homes. Buying a foreclosed home may or not be a “deal,” however. The process of buying foreclosed properties is more complicated and has more pitfalls and risks than buying a regular new or existing home (without foreclosure problems) on the real estate market. If you’re weighing the option of purchasing a foreclosed residence, this month's report provides tips and points to help you be better prepared.

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Is Now The Right Time To Buy A Car? It Depends!

August 2008buy-a-car

As average gas prices climb over $4 per gallon, lots of us are feeling the pain at the pump. As the price of a fill-up climbs toward $70 and beyond, the thought of trading for a more fuel-efficient vehicle is appealing. In addition, the news is full of stories about slow sales and economic pressures on auto manufacturers and dealers. Maybe, you think, now could be a good time to get a good deal on a new or used vehicle. Yes or no? The answer depends on your individual financial situation and needs in a vehicle. This report offers some questions to ask yourself and tips for savvy shopping.

What is your current financial situation?

Is your job stable or is the slow economy threatening your industry, company, or job? Are you easily staying within your budget and income or are you stretched, perhaps having some trouble paying bills? If your financial picture is secure, now may be a good time to trade. But first, think about the following questions.

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Getting The Most For Your Vacation And Travel Dollars

vacationJune 2008

These days, every fill-up of the family vehicle brings new sticker shock. The soft economy along with rising fuel prices have many people rethinking their summer travel and vacation plans. Before you decide simply to skip this year’s vacation, consider all the ways you can save money and still enjoy getting away. This month's report discusses ways to get the most for your travel dollars.

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Getting The Longest Service Out Of Your Vehicle Saves $$$


Many people are keeping their cars longer. According to a recent report by the research company R. L. Polk & Co., the median age of operational passenger cars and light trucks in 2015 was 11.5 years. Take good care of your car or truck and it will give you many years of service. Extra service years can save you money long-term. In the current economic climate, all of us are looking for ways to trim our spending. Here's how to stretch the good life for your wheels.

Maintaining Your Vehicle

Many of today's vehicles can last for well over 100,000 miles with few major repairs. The key to this longevity is proper and timely maintenance.

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