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Don’t Fall For Scams Related To The Credit Crisis

April 2008conman

The slow down in the economy, the housing bust, and the tightening of credit have forced many people into financial difficulties. Scammers are just waiting to take advantage of these situations. People who are worried about money or losing their homes make lucrative targets for these thieves. You can protect yourself by learning to recognize the facts and the scams profiled in this month’s report.

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Tax Time Tips

March 2008tax-help

It's that time again—time to file your income taxes. Nobody enjoys tax time, but being armed with the right information can help you accomplish this chore quickly and safely. This month's report provides information on free e-filing, an update on “quick refund” loan schemes, and tips for finding a reliable tax preparer with expertise to match your needs.

E-file your taxes for free

The number of people who file their taxes electronically has increased each year. For the last tax year, 120 million people e-filed their taxes. While many people pay a fee to e-file—for example, through software programs or tax preparers—the IRS offers the Free File program. According to the IRS, most taxpayers—70% or 97 million—are eligible to use Free File.

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Choosing A Cell Phone Plan To Meet Your Needs And Your Budget

cellphonesFebruary 2008

Increasingly, cell phones have become a necessity for modern life. But most cell phone users aren’t happy about their service. In the latest Annual Survey of Cell Phone Service, Consumer Reports found that more than half of cell phone users were not satisfied with their service. Typical consumer complaints include poor coverage, dropped calls, early termination fees, mandatory contract extensions, locked phones, and unexpected fees. When cell phones offer many functions beyond phone calls—from text messaging to surfing the Internet to downloading videos—finding the right plan to meet your needs without breaking your budget can be a challenge. Here are some tips to help you meet that challenge.

How will you use the phone?

The most important step in finding the right phone plan for the right value is to first ask how you and your family members will use the phones and what functions you want.

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Choosing A Credit Card That’s Right For You

January 2008new-credit-card-rules

“Pre-approved” credit card offers continue arriving daily in the mail in spite of the recent “credit crunch.” Many present temptingly low introductory or balance transfer rates. Others dangle “rewards” or “cash back” programs. Their goal: to entice you to apply for their card. If you need a credit card, what factors should you look at to make the best decision for you and your wallet?

This report helps you get past the sales hype so you can truly compare what is the best offer for you. Many members find that Bayport will ultimately provide the best value for their situation – competitive rates, fewer or lower fees, and caring member service.

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